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Play Which stores to buy supplies from


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Mar 6, 2016
I seriously think stores like petsmart, petco, etc. have extremely ridiculous prices. So I was just wondering, do you guys know any online shops or actual stores that sell guinea pig products at a cheap price? I really want to give my guinea pigs more things to play with and hide in, but it's hard because my mom wants me to pay for everything. And I mean from the guinea pigs themselves, and the hay, and the fleece, and the toys..just everything. If you have any stores in mind that would really help.
here are some things I've tried.

Carboard boxes
toilet paper/paper towel tubes stuffed with hay (OMG she loves this)
Old clean socks
old towels
I cut the bottom out of an oatmeal container and made a tunnel
piles of hay

Things I've read about or seen in pictures that sound fun.

Making a fleece forest.
hiding small bits of food around their cage or play area
empty 12 pks
natural obstacles (get creative)
The only toy I've purchased that my piggies have actually paid attention to is an Egg-ercizer, but it gives them treats as they play with it.

I pulled all my plastic hideys and now I alternate between a fleece forest and fleece over one end of my cage for hiding places. I also have a grid bent in 3rds with fleece over it held in place with binder clips for a tunnel.
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