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Dec 4, 2011
hi everyone mii name is barbara and im new here and i have 2 lovely piggy's and i just found out that i havelil ones on the way i have a really important question but iam ask it on a later well i look fwd to talked and share pictures of mii babeiis to u all:)
Welcome to the forum! We would love you see pictures of your piggies! Did you acquire the one piggie already pregnant or do you have a male and female living together?
Welcome! Can't wait to see photos!!
thank u and ReRe was the frist and she is about 1y couple months and she was getting really sad bii her self because i got her from one of mii friends and she was in cage with 2 other sows so i went to the pet store to buy a sow but now know that it was a boy because 3 days ago i was playing with her and tried to pick her up because she had got really big she ran away from me and when i finally pick her up i felt the babies move so i got really scared because i read online that its really hared for them to have babies so old and i called the vet to see if i can do anything and they said i could bring her in but it was not necessary or i can just wait till she have the babies and if anything goes wrong to bring her in w away but i dont know what to do should i take her and or just wait .shes looks fine shes eating and drinking allot
and she looks like she may have 2-3 pups in week or 2 maybe a couple days i have taking the boy out of the cage with her too and she is always cleaning he belly and i can see them kick and moving allot
Aww I'm very sorry about that. Like with any animal there can be complications when birthing but I think for the most part they go well. I have no experience with pregnant sows so hopefully someone soon will chip in about that! Can't wait for pictures of your piggies and the babies once they arrive :)
Just make sure you keep the male separated from the mom and the babies once they arrive. You don't want this to happen again! :]
Ravein1331, it will help a lot if you'll break your posts into sentences and use some punctuation. It's very hard to follow them as they're written. (See, your English teachers were right when they told you you'd need to be able to write proper English! :D) Also, please limit your use of chat speak. I know it's hard if you're posting from a phone, but if you've got a keyboard, those of us over 60 (and maybe even all those over 30!) would appreciate regular words.

Do take the male out before she has the pups. He can get her pregnant again immediately after they're born, and that's very hard on the mom. If you have other females, you can leave all of them in the same cage -- guinea pigs usually make very good aunties.

If you can feel the pups moving, then birth is pretty close. She may also lie with her feet stretched out behind her. Do watch her very carefully -- if this is the first time she's had pups, she may have difficulty. (There's a thread on here today where someone lost her pig and the pup because a pup that was too large got stuck and couldn't be born.) Guinea pig labor is usually quick and quiet, but if you see her struggling with it, get her to a good vet immediately. An exotic vet is best, but even a regular vet might be able to help in that case.

She needs to be eating a diet high in calcium, and the pups will need that too. Oxbow Cavy Performance Cuisine is the best pellets for both her and the pups until they're about six months old. She needs a good veggie diet as well -- lettuce, bell pepper, parsley, cilantro, endive, etc. to make sure she gets enough vitamin C.

Good luck, and keep us posted on how things go.
yep same here and iam going to take lots of pictures and they are i dont want that for here and im staring om making her and he pups a bigger cage and i going to make big so i can block it off in the middle so the boys on 1side girls the other because when i took them apart the boy say not tell meh off for the last 3 days lol so i think along as he see her hes happy i go him when he was a pup so he has gotten really close to her before i know they where so cute together he use to let her sleep on top of him kind of lol
Make sure you have a good sturdy lid for the boar's side of the cage, and that it locks down. A determined boar can easily push up a lid and get over into the girls' side of the cage. And no, he won't​ be really happy if he can just see her.
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