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New here with a question!


Cavy Slave
Jul 19, 2011
Hello! I've adopted about a one year old male guinea pig named Franklin from someone on Craigslist recently. He was by himself and in an awful cage. I've made him a C&C cage and he is instantly more happy!! My question is if he would be even more happy if I add another male guinea pig? He has lived alone so far and just wanted to get advice from more experienced owners. Thanks for your help!!
Absolutely! Guinea pigs are highly social herd animals & should always live with another pig if possible. Most notice a huge transformation in their pigs when getting them a mate, they often become more active, talkative, calm & social.

Usually older boars do really well with younger ones, and take on a nanny role. Just make sure you have a large enough cage, and do proper introductions on a large, scent neutral area.
First, thank you for adopting.

Most guinea pigs like company, as cavies are herd creatures. There is always the exception to the rule but in general they do better with other guinea pigs around. I know that my solo pig became much more sociable when I got her a friend, and even more so with four in the herd.

If you have a reputable guinea pig rescue nearby that you could adopt from, I would contact them. Some guinea pig rescues will let you do a 'meet and greet' with adoptable pigs and your pig to let them pick out their new friend. That is what I have done for every pig adopted into my herd and I haven't had a single issue having a new pig move in after proper introductions were done at home.

Best of luck! Also, if you ask a question, pictures of your pig are required ;)
Hello there and welcome to the forum. Great that you adopted your Franklin. Guinea pigs are herd social animals and do very well with a friend. Check on the home page under awesome info Cavy Spirit
social page. Lot of info for introductions.
Keep us posted and we love pictures.
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Welcome! Well He Could Be More Happy With Another Pig but he might not he might not like being with other opigs so make sure if you do get another you have more room for an extra cage just incase and he might be terrified of another piggie i know that one of mine is terrified of my piggie that lives alone she chirps everytime she sees her ...
Since Franklin has been living alone for awhile, he may not be quite as receptive to having a roommate as a younger pig. However, if the two pigs are compatible, then it shouldn't be a problem. I definitely agree with SurfingPigs that you should try to do some type of "compatibility match." The vast majority of pigs do well sharing their cages, but there are always exceptions.
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