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Hi, I'm new here.


New Member
Cavy Gazer
Nov 15, 2022
Hi I'm a single father aged 39 who has one child 15. Our first guinea pig we got was at a local pet store they didn't even know if it was a female or male or what age it was. I think I got it about 2 months old, we got our 2nd sow about 1 year later same age 2 months old when we adopted her at an animal shelter (one is American breed the other is Abyssinian breed). We've had our 1st sow for 4 years now and the 2nd for 2 years.

We just recently adopted a pair of boars just 3 days ago. Zues and Hades. Zues being the older Hades the younger. They came with their own cages though I'm making them a bigger cage for both of them.
Welcome to the forum! I love your names, they’re so creative!
Welcome to the forum. So cool to have another piggie dad among us, we seem to be a rare breed indeed !
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