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General May not be able to clean cage as often - Health Issues?


New Member
Cavy Gazer
Dec 23, 2017
Unfortunately I recently had an accident at work that shattered a bone in my hand, so I'll be in and out of casts and splints for a couple of months while it heals, and out of work temporarily because of it. Now as a precaution I just wanted to follow up with people who would know better than myself. Due to the lack of income in the forseeable future I might not be able to clean my piggie's cage as often as I was able to prior to the injury, and the hand doesn't help this. I currently have two males in a decent sized cage and I completely clean it every 5-7 days. I just need to know, if I was forced to do it say half as much for a little while, could any health issues arise in my pigs?
As long as they're not on wet bedding or sleeping on piles of poop, they should be ok.
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