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Bonding When can I put my boys in a cage together?


Cavy Gazer
Aug 29, 2023
Aug 29, 2023
I have two boars and they've been in a bonding pen together since 10am (it's now 4pm). They have taken a nap together (close to each others, basically touching), they shared food (the same lettuce leaf, stick and hay), and have not teeth chattered since a few hours (and it was only for a few seconds). They stay close to each others too.

However I don't know if I can put in their cage yet. Hyoga (the dominant one) is still rumbling at Patate, and he does it quite often, and mounting him too. Patate is not a fan of getting mounted but he tolerates it and Hyoga stops after a few seconds to go back to eating.

I'm reading online that mounting and rumbling is normal between males, so I'm not even sure if they will eventually stop? Should I wait more until I put them in their cage? I can't let them in the pen overnight (it's really cheaply made so they would escape) but I can wait a bit more if necessary. When should I call it a failure or a success?
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