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Behavior Why do guinea pigs chirp? The secrets


Cavy Slave
Aug 18, 2019
As an old guinea pig owner, I know that guinea pigs communicate through a variety of sounds, including a chirp or whistle-like noise. Unfortunately, chirping is one of the more mysterious noises they make. Many have tried to decipher the meaning behind the chirps, but there is not a clear answer. A guinea pig chirping sounds very similar to a bird. In fact, if they are making this noise you may wonder if a bird has gotten into your home. Some animal experts theorize that the chirping sound occurs when your piggy senses danger or they become frightened. What I can say is that, this sound caused because the pig was lonely or missing their companion or when the guinea pig is seeking attention and wanted to play. I created an article to explain all the details why do guinea pigs chirp? I hope you share your experience with us.
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