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Babies/Pups What should I do?


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Apr 9, 2024
I have not had guinea pigs for very long, just around 5 months now, and this is my first time owning. My two pigs were bought from a small farm somewhere in Virginia, where I was told they were both female, when in fact they were not. My female one just gave birth to two little pups, who are feeding pretty well so far. We had some complications with the youngest, but they are eating as well as two day old pigs can. I just have a couple questions so I can do my best for my babies. In the picture are the two babies yesterday, with the mom in the background.

What should I feed my girl after birth? We usually stick to once a day small plate of mixed veggies, most of the time it’s just one of spinach or arugula with some romaine lettuce and another vegetable (carrots or cherry tomato) Should I add anything else for the two?

Also we are getting the two pups sexed later this week, but one already looks to be a boy. If both are male, should I try to bond them and their father together? Should I get another female for the new mom? I know that I should separate the mom and dad to prevent more pregnancies. If you could tell me anything that would be awesome!


Nutrition-wise, both mom and babies could use extra calcium in the form of alfalfa hay. Once the babies are weaned, they should continue to get extra calcium until they’re about 6 months old.

Be careful with spinach and romaine lettuce, or any high-calcium food for non-nursing adult pigs. As a treat once in a while it’s okay, but some pigs are prone to urinary tract stones and the extra calcium can aggravate that condition. Green and red leaf lettuce are a good choice.

Keep mom and dad separated to avoid another pregnancy. Also, boy babies will be sexually mature at 3 weeks old, so they will need to be removed from mom and other girls or you will end up with more babies.

Good luck with these little ones. Glad they’re eating well and you’re doing such a good job learning how to take care of them!
If the dad was in the cage when the babies were born, the mom is already pregnant again. And that kind of back-to-back pregnancy is VERY hard on both the sow and the next litter of pups.

She and this litter need to be fed the same. They need a very good quality alfalfa pellet, like Oxbow, fed in unlimited quantities. They need a good quality timothy hay -- none of the dried out stuff you sometimes find in pet stores.

They need a good source of vitamin C -- bell pepper is good for that, but you can also supplement them with drops. Just don't put the drops in the water -- vitamin C in water in the presence of light degrades very quickly, and all you've got is funny tasting water. You can either syringe it to them, or sprinkle it on the veggies. Read around in the food forums for more info on what to feed them.

Baby boys need to be separated from mom and sisters at 21 days of age, and yes, you can put him in with dad. They'll eventually need a pretty large cage, as males require more room than sows.

There's a lot of good info on this site on many topics. Do take advantage of it to bring yourself up to date on good GP care.

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