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Upper Levels Wanting to make a 1x2 loft - BUT...


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Nov 29, 2011
I'm worried about said loft being flimsy and dangerous. I've seen people make lofts without putting anything under the grids to reinforce it - is that safe? I have a 2x3 cage and have limited space, so a loft seems like a good idea to enrich my little guy's life.

Could anyone give me a heads up on that whole deal? I'm not very good at building things, and admittedly, I made my boyfriend build the cage because I was worried I'd do it wrong! lol

Also wondering what sort of length and material is suggested for a ramp. Looking for a lower cost sort of deal to use for my little guy. Money's a bit tight since my little Gigabyte passed away, leaving a huge vet bill behind. So it'd be nice to find ways to enrich the life of the little guy I have now.
I think a 1x2 loft should be no problem at all, just use lots of zip ties and not the connectors. There won't be much weight on it and it won't be flimsy at all. I've recently changed the layout of my cage and don't have a loft anymore but I made a nice ramp out of coroplast. Do you have any left over?
I you bind the cable tied tightly together, so can create a sturdy loft. I have to do a whole ceiling of it, so you have much less to worry about being flimsy. Good luck!
I have had a 1x2 loft, and zip tied it like crazy. It wasn't that flimsy at all, and very safe.
I have a 1x3 loft and I put a piece of pipe under one section to help support it, it works.

For the ramp I used a gutter. It was $6 and I have several feet of it left after I cut the ramp. I lined it with the non-slip cabinet liner that was less than a $1.
I have a 1x2 loft and it's not flimsy at all. Just zip tie all the grids really well and it'd be fine! :)
I have a 1x2 loft and it is nice and sturdy.
Once you add the coroplast it will be sturdier. I was afraid of it's strength as well. But once I added the coroplast everything was great :)
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