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Cage Adding a little extra height to prevent jumping out


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May 10, 2015
I have a C&C cage that is one grid high. I walked in this morning to see my younger pig chilling on top of the pigloo. I have never had a pig get up there before and I don’t really know how she managed, but here we are. My concern is that she might be able to jump out of the cage from that height. Is there something I could easily add to the sides of the cage at the top besides zip-tying more grids? I don’t want to make it too difficult for me to reach into the cage.
I'd put a lid on it, particularly if you have other animals in the house or if the cage is on a table.
When I had Gidget, she loved nothing better than being on top of hideys and hammocks. When she ran, she thought she could fly.

I have grids covering the top of the cage and secured with connectors. One grid in the center front flips up like a lid so I can reach in. That one has 3 zip ties at the back for hinges, and a chip clip keeps the front part secured. This wouldn’t keep cats or dogs out, just keeps pigs in.

Adding a little extra height to prevent jumping out

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