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C&C Expanded from a 2x3 to a 2x5- What can I do to improve?


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Jun 16, 2023
Expanded from a 2x3 to a 2x5- What can I do to improve?
Take some of the stuff out. They need room to run.
How does this look?
Expanded from a 2x3 to a 2x5- What can I do to improve?
That looks much better...........and I'm glad you took out the amazon boxes. They have fibre tape on them and not only is the glue terrible for them but the fibre is tough and stringy. Both can cause serious, if not fatal gut issues.
If you want hidey spots that done take up floor space, bend some grids 90 degrees, then use binder clips to clip one flat side to the side of the cage, with a flat edge at the top. Throw a towel or piece of fleece over the top and you have an instant hidey without legs or sides to interfere with a good run.
Definitely clear out some stuff for your little friend to roam around FREELY & I personally would add some lighting. BLUE LIGHTS/colors are calming and soothing for our Guineas. I have a small set of X~MAS plug~in lights anchored to the front of Gizmo's enclosure. I flipped a HANDMADE bird cage on it's side, removed all of the perching shelves, & built him an upper deck w/a ramp, trained him to use ONE SIDE of his enclosure to void/pee, and he even has a window w/a curtain lol HE LOVES IT! Empty used toilet paper rolls are SAFE & make for GREAT CHEAP CHEW TOYS. BTW I LOVE YOUR MUSHROOM PRINT BED!!!!