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Behavior Free to walk around the entire room


Cavy Slave
Apr 18, 2019
My sitting room where my husband and I spend most of our free time is where we keep our two boys. Originally they were kept in a 2 x 6 C&C cage but about a month ago we removed one entire side and layed the Coroplast flat on that side to make it easier for my piggies to be able to go in and out as they wish.

We wanted them to be able to have the entire room to themselves. We rearranged the entire room to make it safe and fun for my boys. There are multiple hides, fleece blankets, tents, puzzle boxes, tunnels etc. scattered throughout the room. Stuff like the TV are blocked off with a wooden panel. Basically the entire room is now an open home for them. The food and water, as well as hay is still kept within the cage as that helps me with the cleaning.

The problem is - they don't leave past where the grids end. They seem to be fully comfortable with just the space that they are used to and it doesn't seem like they have any interest in going past their known home into the wider area. Even when it came to floor time in the past, they were never too interested in being out for too long and would always look to go back into their cage after just 15 minutes.

I was just wondering if it's normal for guinea pigs to not have much interest in having large space and exploring or is it just my boys being strange? Either way I am happy knowing that they have the option to wonder around as they wish and having the unlimited space (aside from a few wooden panels blocking any area that might be deemed unsafe even in the slightest).

My theory is that they stay around the area they are most familiar with because that's where the food is kept. But even so, why wouldn't they at least try to have a run around all that space they are given?
Because there are eagles flying around your house, ready to swoop down and eat them. lol

Try putting some "protection" around the room -- low stools, upside-down boxes with the ends cut out, etc. Start off close to the cage, and put a few bites of food in them. They may get used to exploring, and then you can leave off the eagle guards.
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