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Joy How to make the pigs feel safe when being held


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Apr 25, 2023
I never pick up my pigs, unless I have to clean their cage. They hate to be picked up, but I need to get them used to it in order to trim their nails, and bond further. We are already pretty well bonded. I just want them to feel safe and comfortable when being held. Any tips on how to do this?
Mine hates being held as well. She whines the whole time.

Some feel safer if they are burrito wrapped in a towel or blanket. This doesn’t work with the one I have now, but the other pigs I had before were very secure wrapped in a blanket.

Of course, feeding something that takes awhile to chew, like long strands of grass or corn husk, helps to calm them so they associate being held with getting treats.
The more you hold them, the less they will hate to be picked up. The reason you give them food when they are with you makes it a happy experience and will make them less dreadful to be held. When you pick them up have all feet on something, don’t let them dangle. Remember, they are prey animals so hold them close to your body to make them feel safer. Also, avoid chasing them around the cage as it stresses your guinea pigs even more. Don’t chase them and give up though, as this will lead to them to thinking that running away is the way to avoid being held.