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Coroplast Do I need to buy Cubes?


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Jan 17, 2012
I have built my coroplast base just today, and the walls are 9 inches high. Do you think I need to purchase the 14 inch cubes to put around the cage? Will the pigs get out of the 9 inch coroplast?
Welcome to the forum.

They'll very possibly get out, and the walls will eventually collapse outward. If they're not on a table now, you may be ok for a little while, as long as escapes are no problem (no other animals that might harm them, etc.). But I'd certainly get the cubes, or closet shelving, as soon as possible.
If you have pigloos or houses in there, they can climb on them and jump out. If you have a jumper, 9" might be easy to leap over.
Many pigs could jump 9". Mine enjoy standing on their hind legs and could easily hop over something that high if they chose. You will want something to support the coroplast anyhow, as pigs doing laps have been known to "bank" the turns!
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