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Cage Cages problem again=.=


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Nov 26, 2011
Hi there.
I'm wondering...how high of my barriers should be for my cage?
What type of bedding is the best for piggies??
How high can the piggies jump?
and...how big is it for a cube??because i'm making my own homemade cage out out wood^^
if i want to have a female piggy and a male piggy...and i don't want them to be spayed because I think we have the worst government vet here=.=
and I'm making a 2 level cage out of shelves...
so..what should i do with the cage??(should i make a ramp but have a barrier so they can just meet each other can say hi but cannot have XXX ??)
thanks in advance^^
The cube sizes are on the Home page of this site.

Some pigs can jump fairly high, particularly if they're on top of a hidey before they leap. But most won't get out of a C&C cage.

There are plenty of threads on bedding on this site, and plenty of opinions on which is better. Use the Search button at the top right of the page to find more than you'll ever want to know about bedding.

Wood isn't a good choice for a cage. For one thing, you have to completely pig-proof it from the inside so they won't chew it, which is harder than making some other kind of cage to begin with. For another, it has to be completely waterproofed on the inside, or else the urine will soak into it, causing a smell that you can't get rid of. If you can't find grids where you are, look into closet shelving -- both Closetmaid and Rubbermaid sell shelving all over the world. And in fact, most closet shelves are manufactured in southeast Asia, so you should be able to find something there.

Deliberately setting out to get two pigs and then keeping them apart is just mean, in my opinion. Some people wind up having to separate them because one or the other can't play nice, but I don't know of anybody who starts out trying to keep them apart. How would you like to have a friend you could only talk to through a fence and never be able to play with? Why not get two of the same sex, or a neutered male and a female, and let them live together? They'll be much happier, and you'll get a lot more enjoyment out of watching them if they're in the same cage.
Hello there !:eek: Ditto everything Billie said. I am confused hon, why are you picking a male and a female ? It doesn't really make sense if you think about it, you know ? It would be so much better for them and for you, if you adopted/rescued two piggies of the same sex so that they can really enjoy one another's company.
Ditto everyone else about adopting the same sex pair. Having a male living next to a female is like torturing him.

C&C grids are 14x14 inches (36x36 cm)

If you build your cage from wood, you have to apply waterproof coating to the wood. Make sure to line the floor with waterproof material. I've painted mine with outdoor paint and lined it with vinyl flooring.

For the sizes, a 76 x 127 cm cage is recommended for two. If you don't have space for a rectangular cage, you can make it square. 1x1 meter is a good size. If you have more space, go bigger. A pair of males will need more space than a pair of females.

For the height of the barrier, you can make it 14 inches (36 cm) tall. I would not make it solid wall for the whole cage. It will not have enough air flow. Using closet shelving like bpatters suggested is a great idea. Here's what it looks like: (broken link removed)
If you cannot find them, you could find other metal grids, just make sure the spacing between the bars are no larger than 3.5 cm.

See these links for bedding:
Thanks to all.
I will try to get a pair of females instead of males.
Because i don't have very big space for the males to run about.
And thanks again^^
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