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04-01-06, 08:11 pm
...from the Adoptables Forum. Self, you may find a picture of a piggie you find too irresistable and end up with three piggies instead of two.


We adopted one of the baby sows from CaliforniaGirl and her family today. Meet Cookie:

Since we already have an Oreo and a Tootsie (as in roll), we decided to stay within the realm of "food" names, and Cookie does resemble a sandwich cookie with cream filling. LOL

It appears that Cookie is an abby, although you cannot see her whorls in this picture. Is there anything in particular, care wise, that I should be aware of for an abby? Both Oreo and Tootsie are smooth coated.

04-01-06, 08:14 pm
Very, very cute. I love all your names. I have a few abbys and they don't need any additional grooming. I usually brush everyone at least once a week or every few days. Congrats!!

04-01-06, 08:17 pm
Food names always work for guinea pigs. That's why we have Cinnamon, Pistachio, Licorice, Rolo, Snickers, Toffee, and Peppermint. I suppose Maple could be considered food too depending how it's used. Poor Orbit is left out. His name came from an argument over whether to call him Bandit or Oreo.

I ran out of space to put cages so I don't have to worry now. Even if I go in the adoptables forum it only means I'll spend 2-3days measuring every inch of the apartment again before returning to sanity.

04-01-06, 08:24 pm
She is so beautiful. :)

04-01-06, 08:37 pm
Really cute! I like the name, too. Could she be an Aby mix? I'm trying to remember what our two Abys looked like when they were babies, and I'm almost sure you could see the rosettes. Maybe I'm wrong.

At any rate, congrats!

04-01-06, 08:55 pm
...and I'm almost sure you could see the rosettes.

Oh, she definitely HAS the rosettes/whorls, you just can't see them in this picture as they're in the black fur, and the most prominent one is probably on the side closest to my body.

I'll try to get a better picture of her when she settles down a little bit. She's still so very much a baby and so skittish that I don't want to set her down outside of her cage to get a picture.

04-01-06, 09:30 pm
Awwww she is a cutie.:D

04-01-06, 09:34 pm
Awwww she is a cutie.:D

Yep, and I'm SURE it's due to the loving care she's had up until we adopted her! :)

04-01-06, 09:40 pm
Poor Orbit is left out.

Orbit is a type of gum! So he's not left out.

My Baby Mu
04-01-06, 11:07 pm
What a cutie.

Slap Maxwell
04-02-06, 08:37 am
Congrats! She is adorable.

04-02-06, 09:10 am
Oh, she is adorable. I can't stand it. I just love aby's. I have one boy who is just covered in rossettes. It looks like he is having a perpetual bad hair day.

04-02-06, 10:09 am
She is very adroable! She almost looks like my aby, Meatball.. but his food name isn't as appealing as Cookie. *laughs*