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What should I get?


Cavy Slave
Mar 22, 2012
:?:My guinea pig keeps on chewing on the cardboard box tunnel and destroying it! I keep getting more tunnels but I want her to chew on something else other than the tunnel. Is there anything else I should put in the cage for my guinea pig to chew on?:?:
Are you feeding unlimited hay?
yes i am feeding them unlimited hay
Try a fleece tunnel maybe? Or get plastic "waffle blocks" and make a tunnel out of that. My pigs are constantly chewing cardboard if it's in their cage but they don't bother with the plastic... well they chewed on their pigloos but the "waffle block" plastic is thicker... I'll try to find a pic of what I'm talking about...
This is what I was talking about: (broken link removed)

It's not the cheapest solution, but I took one end off so it could be a tunnel rather than just a hut. If you buy more than one you can change them up a bit. Only down side, poos tend to get stuck in the "teeth" where they connect...
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