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Cage The Bunnies Need Your Advice!


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Jul 30, 2011
Hi! As many of you know, I have been attempting for forever to build my 3 x 11 C&C cage. If I move a bit of furniture around a bit, I can fit it in perfectly. But before I do any of that, I need to paint my room, as it will be very difficult with the new cage in the way if I wait. My bunnies are both in pet store cages, with barely enough room to lie down. I talked with my mom today about painting my room, (she doesn't know about the cage idea in my room) and she said with all that's going on, I'd have to wait until summer. :( Until then, my poor bunnies are suffering each in a tiny cage. Rehoming them is NOT an option, because I take excellent care of them otherwise. I had the idea of making a 2 x 5 in our guest room before I realized my room was capable of accommodating a 3 x 11, so I got advice and wrote a note to her. She goes "No". She said I have to stick with my bathroom, or think of something else. My bathroom barely accommodates a 2 x 3. She is now complaining that the bunnies take up the whole house. My bunnies are both boys, so they are in separate cages until I find a vet to get them neutered at. I have been selling off my old toys to earn money to pay the costs of new furniture and more cage grids. I've worked really hard in school, kept my room clean, and have done chores. What can I do to convince her? She has had bunnies before and knows that he has too little room. I'd apprieciate any help that I can get, as I want to get the, out of their pet store cages ASAP. Thank You!

❤ Kristie & Skippy & Snickers
I can also post pictures of my room and the space and such that I plan to move it into. :) If that would help,of course.
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