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Jun 9, 2007
My Oliver is a chewer, and he likes to eat what he chews...but the hay doesn't seem to satisfy him, and he eats any and all boxes/bags/etc that I put in the cage. So my question is this:

Can I give him a rawhide bone to chew on?

Was thinking something along the lines of this (the plain/unflavored ones of course):

Or does anyone have any better ideas?
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I don't think so. Guinea pigs are strict vegetarians, and rawhide is animal hide.

Hay, hay, and more hay is what piggies are supposed to use to satisfy their chewing requirements. Putting the hay in bags is fun for the piggy too, and sounds like yours would really like that.
What about getting some apple tree cuttings for him? That'd give him something to work on and it would be safe.
Rawhide is an animal product so no.

Apple branches and baked pinecones are good things.
Thank you all for your responses and ideas. I had a feeling rawhide wasn't good for them, but thought I'd ask before trying it out. I may try the apple branches with him again, had them before and he did nothing but pee on them.

Ly: I hadn't even thought about pinecones! Would those be the same thing I've seen marketed for rabbits?
She meant real pinecones. The things that fall off of pine trees and land on the ground. Clean all of the dirt and bugs off of them and bake them at 200 degrees for 30-45 minutes to sterilize them. Someone please correct me if that timing or temperature is wrong.
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