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Cage RawhideKid Cage Construction - DELUXE! ? !


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Sep 12, 2016
Ok. Here are two photos of "the plan". Bought some wood at Homedepot, and a few other things.

6x2 feet, with a one foot cut out for a "wall post." Two ramps, 30 degrees each. 8 inch first level, then L shaped 10 inch level, and then a small 16 inch "lookout". Curved ramp using sticks between 8 and 10 inch levels. Hay loft, with 1x1 foot "hideout". I'll have a door on the outside into this hut. Hoping this becomes their go-to spot for poop and pee, but we will see. Plywood base, coroplast on top of it. Plexiglass on wall furthest from wall.

Working on concept of two USB fans with charcoal filters pulling air from the side wall under the 8 or 10 inch shelves. Also, two aquarium thermometers to watch the temp - this is important given we are in AZ and we keep house temp at 80 in summer. I'm also looking at low light LEDs for the under side of the 8 and 10 inch shelves. Not sure I'll use them yet though.

Got aquarium caulk to seal the edges. Daughters are studying up on building our own "Fleece flippers."

This will have four legs underneath with wheels so we can move it if needed. The spot we are putting it is where we put our Christmas tree each year, so we will move it to a temp spot during Christmas. We will have a large shelf right above the wheels, about 4 inches from floor, so we can put boxes of supplies and such underneath. Then we will put a simple drape around the edges I think. Plexi walls will be 10 inches from any level they can jump from, so the back left edge will be about 26 inches from the base top, if that makes sense. The back side will be a wood side. Not sure if I'll cover the wood sides with coroplast. Depends if I can get it cheaply or not. Looks like you can paint coroplast? I'm having daughter check on that, and what paint to use.

Lots left to do and research! Hoping we can complete in two weeks tops. Will start cutting plywood and building the base tonight. Marked it last night. Still too dang hot here in Phoenix to do much outside in the evenings....

See two images below - one I did and one my oldest daughter did. Can you tell which is which? Ha!

RawhideKid Cage Construction - DELUXE! ? !

RawhideKid Cage Construction - DELUXE! ? !
Some serious plans there, I think yours are the ones with the cutesy pics lol.
Can't wait to see it when it's finished.
Wow! Be sure to post some pictures when you are finished. It seems impressive. :)
Hopes and dreams, hopes and dreams. Probably won't look nearly as impressive in reality as the plans are. But we will see. It'll be between our family room and kitchen, where a lot of people will see it. But no pressure...:)
Question...can coroplast be painted, and does the paint last if so? I'll have to research what paint is pet safe though...
There's usually no need. It comes in a rainbow of colors.
Yeah, just read an old forum post here on same topic. Not recommended to be painted. Piggies chew a little on the coroplast and they could ingest it. I thought my girls might enjoy coloring the white coroplast in fun designs - trees, butterflies, etc. I have one daughter that is a great artist, and the other isn't half bad either. Maybe I'll see if they can cut some colorful "flowers" out of fleece and glue them to the walls? Not sure...glue isn't good for them either I'm sure. Maybe it'll be high enough they won't get to it. Basic white or black coroplast is cheapest I think, but I'll look around. Maybe a nice light blue would look like sky? Hmmm.....
Why not decorate with some nice wood garlands. You can paint them with non-toxic soy paints. I know that's what my favorite shops use. You can get cute little wood flowers and such. Or maybe you can even cut them yourself since you are clearly handy. Change them out for seasons/holidays. Your kids could have a blast with themes for you cage! :)
Hmm....now that is a great idea! Do they glue them together? Hmm...time for more research.

Just finished some mod's on the overall design. Watched video on how to make coroplast ramps. Looks really simple.

My goal is to have the bottom level complete free of any unmovable object. I'll use hanging strips of fleece to allow for private "rooms" but want to easily be able to move everything when I (or my daughters) need to clean.

I get the fans and charcoal filters tomorrow. Looks like they will "stick out" about 2 inches from the back of the cage when done. More than I'd hoped so may move them to different spots. Not sure yet...

The fans and a couple lights I got will be about the last things I put in the cage. Still debating about them. Hoping the lights can be set to be very low light - I got ones with remotes that seem to show great adjustability - made for aquariums.

Fun stuff!!! Can't wait to show some images of the progress.
Usually they are strung together on raffia or twine (? Check on twine because that might be wrong) Really you can decorate with all kinds of fun wood items as long as it's untreated and any paints used are the non-toxic soy variety.
What about Sharpies and let them draw instead of paint?
Sharpies do bleed a bit on the wood, just so you know. They dry up pretty fast as well. We did a couple beds that way. As long as your girls won't get irritated about having less precision in their drawing it should work fine.
Hmmm...sharpies would be great. Are they non-toxic for pets?
I don't know, you could ask the company. But they really don't eat a lot of coroplast, so they couldn't get much.
Well, too hot last night, but pushed through it tonight for an hour and 45 minutes to get started. Great help from oldest daughter. It's part of a school project for her, so she needed to anyway. See below for few images. Bottom shelf and back wall and "box" on left side are next hope to do that tomorrow night. Only 95 for a high tomorrow I think...!

RawhideKid Cage Construction - DELUXE! ? !
RawhideKid Cage Construction - DELUXE! ? !
RawhideKid Cage Construction - DELUXE! ? !
Why do my arms ache a bit? Too much cuttin and drilling. I should sleep good tonight.

Looking good. Can't wait to see the finished project.
Awe, what a good Daddy you are :)
Well, made good progress last night and tonight. I think all the wood walls are done. Tomorrow is plexiglass and exterior painting with a dark brown leftover paint. I have to leave for a business trip Sunday. Had hoped to finish it but I don't think we will make it. Still have to do coroplast cutting, build the bridges, and put spots for water, etc. We did cut our dead mandarin orange tree today and cut them to length for bridge making. Still need to wash them in vinegar/water mix and bake. No idea why I can't get the photos right side up?!!!! Tried and tried...so sorry.

RawhideKid Cage Construction - DELUXE! ? !


IMG_6393.jpg IMG_6395.jpg IMG_6391.jpg IMG_6391.jpg
Ok, maybe because it's upside down or maybe just because I'm not good with this kind of thing but...what's the boxy thing on the end with what looks like two holes?
It's a box, open end towards interior of cage, with a hinged door to the outside.
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