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Just Follow The Leader


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Cavy Slave
Jan 6, 2005
Well finally my second piggy Nickel let me pet her in her cage without running away. She has learned everything from her cage mate Penny. Penny started 2 weeks ago and I guess Nickel got jealous and decided this looks good. Its a great feeling when they can trust you enough to let you pet them in their cage. Its not the same as in your lap because they are confined in your lap and have no choice. AH, but in their cage they can run and they choose not to. Does it get any better than this?
I'm happy for you.
I agree :) My dominant piggie will follow you around the room like a dog even though you are standing....then if you laydown she will come up and taste you, then run away, popcorns, and runs back to you and does it again...she is sooo funny and cute when she does it.
Thats really great. Who needs a dog.
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