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Chat Just something I wanted to share.

Guinea Pig Papa

Staff member
Cavy Slave
May 12, 2015
Like pretty much everyone else, I have a few hobbies. One of those hobbies is collecting watches, and I've been on a forum for quite some time now that deals with that subject. Over the years, much like here, I've made some very good friends there.

A friend of mine in Missouri ran across this, and showed me a picture. I asked him where he got it because I HAD to have one too. He said you can get them engraved. What would you engrave on yours? So I told him.

He never did send me the link, and he's been kind of ignoring me for a couple of weeks. This showed up in the mail today.

Dirty bugger made me cry.
I have a new addition to my collection. As I stated before, I've made some very good friends around the world in the last few years, both here and on the watch forum.

Late last year, a friend of mine in Texas who is able to actually build his own custom watches set about doing just that. He wanted to do something for me, as he knew how hurt I was losing not just Punkin, but Sly and Pooper before him. He had seen a photo of the tattoos on my forearm and set about his task.

He knew this would be a time consuming process and indeed it was. He designed a dial, and then had a friend he knows in Indonesia fashion it from scratch. He had it made in a way he knew I would love it. I love my watches to glow in the dark as I'm out very often during the night hours.

The dial was completed and shipped from Indonesia four or five weeks ago. Before Scooter passed, so he sadly isn't represented here but he is in spirit.

This is the second time a friend has given me a gift that has made me break down. I am truly a very lucky man both for the piggies that I've been owned by, and the friends I've made along the way.

Somehow the dial maker got the pawprints from my arm etched perfectly on the dial. And to top it all off, they all glow in the dark. I have no idea how this was accomplished, but here it is.
I have to agree, I'm blessed with very good friends. They are both animal lovers as well, and understand what all my boys mean to me.

The pocket watch hangs from a shelf where I can see it every day. The other has not arrived from Texas yet, but it will have a watch box of it's own when it arrives. On one hand I'll want to wear it every day, but on the other I don't want it wrecked from work. Totally torn on what to do lol.
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