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Fleece How to manage all that poop?


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Nov 7, 2011
On the weekend I switched from a carefresh-kitchen-loft to a no-kitchen-all-fleece cage.

Wow, I never realized just how much they poop - until now!

I have a great colour fleece that hides the hay so that does not bother me, but the poop is piled up in all corners and gets kicked up all over the place. The girls are also now peeing everywhere.

For those of you who use only fleece, how do you deal with all the poops? I sweep twice a day or more and have alot of little fleece pads that I switch out almost daily.
I have four piggies in a 2X6 cage with a small second floor. They poop a lot! What I have done is placed litter boxes with aspen bedding at the end of the cage under the second floor, I am lucky that they mainly do their business here. I don't see pee anywhere else, but poops do stray, so I vacuum daily. The best thing I think you should do is provide litter boxes in the corners and vacuum everyday, this should keep things maintained.
I use a huge metal serving spoon. I just kind "glide" it across the fleece and it picks up poops quite nicely. I can then use it to scrape any teeny hay pieces from the fleece.

When the piggies are out for floor-time, I also use a hand vacuum.

Eventually you get used to doing this daily, as it becomes part of your routine.
I use a mini dustpan and broom, and I sweep up in the morning and at night. That way, it is easy for me keep up with the pooping! Like MissJean said, you do get used to doing this after a while. It is just what you become used to. There are so many advantages to fleece, I hardly find that the one disadvantage of daily spot-cleaning is too terrible.
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