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Liners Do I have to use coroplast?


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Apr 25, 2023
My Guinea pigs won’t stop chewing on their coroplast and I am getting really fed up. I’ve seen some pictures of people who have no coroplast in their cages, just grids put on top of 2 or 3 blanket/fleece layers. Is this a good or bad idea?
I have a wood frame built from a sheet of plywood with 2x2s around the edges. I covered the whole thing with tyvek fabric, which is from a waterproof mattress cover. I put an absorbent pad down, then a sheet of fleece. The cage goes on top of the fleece and inside the frame of the base. Nothing to chew, and it’s very sturdy.

You can kind of see how this looks at the corner of the cage.

Do I have to use coroplast?
I like it. I’ll see if a I can find a template of some sorts.. I bet it also helps with burying. My girls love to bury.
You just need something waterproof to protect the floor from getting urine stains. Anything waterproof will work, you just have to be careful that the pigs can't get to it to chew it.

And the walls are just to keep them from kicking hay/food/poop out all over the floor. Putting the coroplast on the outside can work.
Thanks you guys. I brought this up with my mom and she really likes the idea. This will most likely solve all my piggie owning problems!

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