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Hi, I'm new!


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Dec 12, 2011
Hello everyone,

This is my first post here and I am excited to say I am finally a guinea pig owner!

I used to have them when I was younger, but haven't had any in at least 10 years. It has taken me almost 8 months to convince my husband to add a piggie into our family, and he finally agreed last week after I found the perfect one.

I was determined to get a piggie from a shelter or rescue and I did not want a baby since over the last few months I have been looking online and it always seemed like the young guinea pigs were only at the shelter for a short amount of time but the ones over a year old stayed for awhile.

I looked at a shelter about 90mins away from my home just as a joke to my husband because I told him that I would drive hours if I had to. Turns out I ended up falling in love with a picture of him and we drove out there 2 days later, met him, fell in love with him even more, adopted him and brought him home - we have had him for a week now. The staff at the shelter kept thanking us for making the drive out there and adopting rather than buying one for a local pet store

His name is Dudley and he is just over 3 years old, he had been at the shelter since October and no one really wanted him because his fur is a little crazy and coarse and apparently people were always looking for really soft fur. He is such a sweet piggie, he isn't afraid of us at all and he is so curious about everything - he loves sniffing the cats through the cage and he loves toilet paper rolls and hay.

The first picture of him is from the other night when he was eating his veggies - he loves any thing we give him. The second picture was taken the day we brought him home. We started out using Boxo, but have switched to fleece to see how we like it - so far so good.

**I know this forum is really big on large cages and I just want to say that he is in an xl ferret cage at the moment and will be until after Christmas, but we are in the process of building him a c & c cage. My husband and I got an amazing deal on grids - we paid $40 for 65 grids, we are just waiting until we can get the coroplast this week. So, I promise this store bought cage is really only temporary and I will have pictures of the c & c cage as soon as it is built. I just wanted to introduce myself and Dudley before then!


IMG_0638.jpg IMG_0637.jpg
Aw, what a cute fuzzball! And thanks for adopting rather than buying! Welcome to the forum.
Welcome! Dudley is soooo cute. What a lucky little man to have a home with you. Good deal on the grids too, you will be able to build a large cage that could fit a friend for Dudley : )

Keep the pictures coming!
I am excited to build the c & c cage...my husband and I are talking about getting him a friend once the new cage is set up. I want to get one because I know they are social animals but I want to make sure we have big enough cage ready first.
That's wonderful that you adopted instead of bought! Dudley is going to be so happy in his new cage (and new friend soon)! You probably feel so good about adopting him! Welcome to the forum! :eek:
What a sweet looking piggy! I have one with the same hair, a teddy or teddy cross. I actually love the hair. =D
What a cutie!! :D
Bet you cant wait to make that C&C! I know I couldnt when my piggy was stuck in his store-bought cage, and what a difference a large, spacious cage makes!
Welcome to the forum, and thanks for sharing pictures of your precious lil guy!
What a little cutie pie! Welcome to the forum and thank you for the pictures!
He's so cute! When I first looked at the picture I thought he was a baby, because adults don't normally have their hair all fuzzy like that. Congratulations on adopting, and good luck with your C&C cage!
Congratulations on your adopted piggie, and welcome to the forum! Dudley looks so sweet, he must be a nice addition to your family!
*unconscious from cute*
What a sweet looking piggy! I have one with the same hair, a teddy or teddy cross. I actually love the hair. =D

I have been researching a little bit about breeds and I am thinking he might be a Rex cross (if that is even possible, I am really confused about breeds) because his fur is really coarse and his whiskers are wavy. I ended up finding out about breeds because I was researching coarse hair and wavy whiskers. Either way, I love him and his crazy hair. I gave him a bath the other night to get the smell off of him and he sat still the entire time and just let me bathe him and then he fell asleep in the towel on my lap.
Welcome to the forum! He is very, very handsome!
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