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Dec 25, 2011
my boy was missexed, i may have 2 pregnant girls, one is over 1 year the other may be 9 months? i think the younger one may make it but my eldest im very worried about i have a vet app. on wendsday (maybe my mom still needs to call) please any tips, ill reply ASAP ! :) thanks.
Remove the male immediantly! How long have they lived together?
already removed, my rescue was like "your breeder missexed him". and probally 2 months but hes kinda small so in the last monthg or so was when he was mounting, i thought it was a domiance thing tho....
Males can get females pregnant as early as 3 weeks old. There is a possible chance the girls are pregnant. It's probably too early to tell, but do the girls at all look pear shaped? Here's a picture of what they will look like after being pregnant for two months:
They have babies around 10 weeks of pregnancy. I've had the exact same experience as you. We thought we had two boys.
oh lol no they are in the early stages, and there stomachs are getting a little harder. dino is a pear kinda.
I had a feeling it wouldn't look like that yet :) If you go to the medical part of the forum, there is a sub-forum on pregnancy and babies. It could answer some questions now and for sure help you out later. Keep us updated!!! :)
lol ok :) ill look around
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