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Help with names


New Member
Cavy Gazer
Mar 19, 2020
Please help me choose name for these two baby females I just got yesterday


Nugget and Pringles
If they're new to you, turn them both over and compare their private parts to make sure they're both female. If they don't look alike, separate them immediately.

Cute pigs!
They're beautiful!! I have two boys named Friar Tuck and Robin Hood... I love naming pets after characters from stories, so maybe you can brainstorm there with books and shows you like :) This site has a great guinea pig name generator, too ( and a ton of other great info! ) https://www.guineapigmanual.com/guinea-pig-names/
They are so cute! The gray one looks like she could be an Asher or maybe Chestnut? Idk why :) And maybe Carmelita for the other one? Some other ideas are Kiwi, Melon, Pepper, Fluff, Cotton, Meadow, Honey, Pepper, Caramel, and Luna :)
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