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New Owner Needing Help!


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Cavy Slave
Aug 4, 2020
Hi everyone my name is Ally. So I honestly didn't know any better before I bought my piggies from a pet store. After I had brought home my first girl named Storm I instantly knew that I needed a friend for her. At the time she was the last female and they wouldn't sell one of each. I had gotten paid two weeks later and returned to buy Luna! The girls bonded well and I thought everything was fine.
I noticed that the girls were very skittish and seemed afraid of me all the time. I went online to see what I could find and was devastated to learn all the horrible facts about buying from a pet store and felt terrible. Less than a month goes by and Storm passes suddenly without warning and knowing what I know now I knew the store would do nothing to help me. Luna is alone for now until I can find a great rescue to adopt from but I am worried it is taking a toll on her.

Now that my backstory is out there I need some help and advice. I don't know how young Luna is and she is just as skittish as she was when I got her. She only comes out when I am not around or if the light is off. I know some piggies don't like to be held but I am not sure what to do. I know she needs another friend but how soon should I do this and should I see about making her a vet appointment.

Thanks in advance!
Guinea pigs are prey animals and therefore are skittish by nature. Right now, to her, you are a giant scary monster person. It takes time for guinea pigs to get used to their people and how long it takes care vary from pig to pig. Some warm up after a few weeks, some after months and some may never.

Things you can do to try to help things along:
-Help her to associate you with positive things like food. Try to hand feed so she starts to associate you with good things
-Sit quietly by the cage and if she comes out, speak softly to her so she gets used to your voice.
-Talk to her while she is eating.
As CavyMama said, guinea pigs are skittish. They are always on the lookout for danger and their only defense is to hide.

Do you have a couple of hideys? My guinea pig's favorite is the stacking bin organizers from Dollar Tree. Just flip them over and they are a great hidey with two exits. My guinea pig pulls them around the cage with her. She likes to pull them up to the hay pile and stick her head out to eat, then hide again.

Also try to give some cover by draping a light scarf or piece of fleece over a corner or two of the cage. Your guinea pig will feel like she's hiding but still be able to watch what's going on and get a feel for her surroundings.

When you do get a buddy for your pig, be sure you know that you actually have a girl and the new one is also a girl. Pet shops are notorious for making mistakes when it comes to determining gender.
Thank you for the advice! I do have one hidey in the cage right now but I also have a hammock that I have clipped up so she can hide under it. It seems to be her favorite since I bought it. I have made her a vet appointment for next month as well just to get her checked out since I lost the first one so suddenly.

She currently is alone since I recently lost my first piggy however I am looking into animal shelters that have piggies for adoption.
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