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General Candles? Yes? No?

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Nov 7, 2023
I know candles are bad for the respiratory, but is it possible for me to make a homemade candle (with natural smells)?
And are their guinea pig safe, candles? I’m just wondering the difference of actual essential oils, and literally crushing up a strawberry to make it smell like strawberries in the room lol…
Any sort of smoke, regardless of the source is danger for your piggies respiratory system. The scents just make it that much more of an irritant. I have gone so far as to wash my guinea pigs fleece in detergent that has no harmful scents or chemicals, then they are rinsed in vinegar and there are no air fresheners of any sort in my house. I'd rather not take the chance.
Anything that burns releases pollutants into the air. Burning oils, whether essential or not, are especially problematic for the respiratory system. Medical opinion seems to be split on whether the chemicals released from burning candles are harmful to humans or not, but pigs are tiny, and it doesn't take much of anything to upset their bodily systems.

IMO, it's absolutely not worth it.

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