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Stands Can this table support a cage?


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Apr 14, 2004
I'm getting a little tired of bending to clean, so I was thinking of using the Lack coffee table from Ikea (the larger size, which is 46"x31") to raise it up a little. I haven't seen these in person though, and the nearest Ikea is kind of a ways from me. Before I waste my time going out there, does anyone have this table? Do you know how sturdy it is? Will it hold up a the cage, water, food, pigs, etc and also stand up to being moved a little for cleaning?

I wanted this particular table because, while it will be slightly less than 4 grids long, it will be almost 2.5 grids deep. My boys won't lose any space and may actually gain a little. Plus it's really reasonably priced for Canada. I could easily afford to put two side by side if I ever decide to expand.

Edit: Here's a link to the table in question - https://www.ikea.com/ca/en/catalog/products/10065958/
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That should be fine. :)
I don't personally have one of them but looking at them on Ikea's website, I'm 99.9% sure that they would work perfectly as a cage stand. I have other products from Ikea and they are all pretty well made! It's a simple design and the product itself weighs nearly 50lbs so I'm thinking it should be fairly sturdy.
It will easily support a cage. I've used their Lack tables for years.
I had my old midwest cage on an IKEA table, it worked perfectly.
I have a couple of the smaller one, and they are strong enough for me to stand on, so I imagine this one would hold a cage perfectly.
Just curious as I have trouble with dimensions, but how far up from the ground is the table top?
I don't think a table that low will help with your back. You'll have to kneel down when cleaning the cage to keep your back from bending.

A dining table might work better for the height.
I like the lack furniture from ikea. It is sturdy and cheap. I use the smaller lack tables for a lego table for the kids without problem.
Thanks for the feedback, everyone! I think hubby and I will be taking a little trip to Ikea in the next few weeks :)

Lissie, it is kind of short, but we won't have space for another dining table in the place we're moving to. With this, I can sit on my little ottoman and not have to bend down for daily cleaning and maintenance. Plus, they'll be eye-level when I'm lying on the couch. If I decide to have them beside my computer in the study instead, they'll be at a good height from my computer chair.
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