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Joy Amazing transformation...


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Jan 29, 2012
Before I found this site I was a bad guinea pig owner. I adopted two Guinea pigs about a year and a half ago, for my four year old daughter. Luckily they came with a C&C cage. I of course learned very quickly that 4 was a ridiculous age to expect for a kid to take care of an animal, and I quickly took over the duties. But I still didn't know anything. I washed their fleece, fed them unlimited amounts of pellets and crappy hay. No veggies, no interaction. I check up on them everyday to make sure they were healthy but that was it.

Then I found this site. One of the original two passed soon after me learning to be a good pig mom. Now as some might know I have two females, one around 4 years old (one of my originals) and a new 6 month old girl, and her baby boy.

Before feeding them on a regular schedule, giving them an even more awesome cage, and talking to them I never saw guinea pig personalities. But now the times have changed. Anyone who thinks we are crazy needs to give spoiling the pigs rotten a shot. It is amazing to watch them transform to shy little creatures into outgoing cuties. Now when I come down stairs they talk to me and do laps. I was beginning to wonder why I built a huge cave until recently. Watching them do laps is hilarious.

Thank you everyone for your slightly insane and wonderful advice. Owning guinea pigs is truly rewarding! Anyone who is feeling disconnected just needs to give it time, and try the great tips and pointers on this site!
This is one of those posts that need to be used under the Testimonials section on the homepage. Very well said, @CrazyMom
Awesome story thanks for sharing.
Aw, how sweet.:eek:

Guinea pigs are amazing creatures. We are all so very blessed to have them in our lives. :love:
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