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Reference Wood Pellets As Bedding Has Been Amazing


Cavy Slave
Feb 12, 2020
I have read here about various beddings to try. I started with Kaytee or Carefresh soft bags, then GuineaDad liner, fleece with puppy pads underneath, and finally my own handmade fleece with Uhaul sewn inbetween.

Soft bedding was dusty and stinky, GuineaDad liners issues with shrinkage or not shrinking and the pocket was gross as piggies made messes so folded it underneath...also pain to wash, puppy pads costly and fleece would still be damp, and handmade fleece (any fleece) pain to wash and clingy hay and hairs...was very fun and rewarding to make though.

Then I saw some older threads for pellets and gave them a chance-----I love them with thin layer of fleece on top. Thin fleece much easier to wash. I use the suggested Flame Genie Premium Hardwood Pellets. I have located them in store at (broken link removed) and (broken link removed). The pellets themselves do not smell (to me anyway) and the cages only smell like the hay.

The pros
less smell
longer lasting
cost effective
easy to use
look nice with fleece

The cons
bags might be too heavy for someone
not stocked at all stores
outrageous shipping cost
seems too hard for feet and noisy without a fleece topping
limited brands because of otherwise harmful chemicals and strong pine

I never would have thought to use them without this forum. Maybe the wood pellets could help you too.
If you use that brand, double check to make sure they don't have any accelerant added. That's as big a no-no as the phenols in pine.

Also, I'll point out that most places list those at about $35 for 20 pounds. You can buy 40 pounds of horse stall pellet bedding for about $10 or less. TerrAmiga is a good brand if you can find it.
I went with this brand since another poster in one of the older threads here contacted the company to find out there are no accelerant. Some retailers also have answers about it as well stating the same. The hardwood though is suggested not as animal pellets because it is not pine... I looked and looked to find other brands and could not.

I went personally to the Tractor Supply since they carry so many beddings and 5 minutes from me...but there is pine. Their brand of 40lb fuel pellet locally here had a strong smell to me like of a pine or burned wood something. Reminded me of a fall scent Twilight Woods body spray I have. I spent over 10 minutes of back and forth with a store associate. She made some calls and honestly gave me no 100% answer. They do also have the intended animal stall bedding she took me to and also strong pine! If anyone knows acceptable ones please share I beg you! I really wanted the TerrAmiga I saw you suggested before and it is nowhere by me on the east coast. The company has a useful (broken link removed) for anyone else.

I think I messed up the Ace Hardware link. They have more locations all around. The app coupons are pretty good $5 off $15 sometimes but usually $5 off $25 and curbside is friendly.
I looked and looked to find other brands and could not.

I really wanted the TerrAmiga I saw you suggested before and it is nowhere by me on the east coast.

There are other comparable brands. Have you checked Home Depot? I just put in a random MD store to get a link on the east coast:

You can see this 40lb bag is $5.48. So you should be able to find the super cheap pellets (as the Terramigo pellets are).
Just be sure the stove pellets neither smell strongly of pine nor have accelerants added.
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