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08-06-16, 06:44 pm
So my guinea pig Panda (about 5 years old now I think) had a large malignant tumor removed near the nipple area just in the beginning of May this year. It was just a lump under the skin (no pus or anything external visible) and I handle them often when I found this one it was already about the size of a ping pong ball. The surgery went well and everything healed well, but the lab results came back that is a tumor type that will come back and in other places I believe. I unfortunately don't remember the name and can't find it on any of the papers. About 4 days ago I noticed a small circular scab about the size of a pea because I had her out on a white towel and there was some light blood on the towel. Not dark, just kind of diluted. I figured she probably just scratched herself, but took her to the vet. The vet squeezed it and some liquid blood/clear liquid came out very easily. Under the scab she found a small sort of red bump, probably smaller than a pea. It looks more like a swollen nipple would than an actual bump, but it is not her nipple, it's higher than that. The vet told me it is a tumor that needs to be removed. I'm confused about it because I don't know what kind of tumor would leak any blood or pus. I would think it would be an abscess or something like that? I can't seem to find anything that looks like it online or in the lumps/bumps section. The vet left it with a surgery appointment this Tuesday and I have to call and decide whether I want to do the surgery or not by Monday night.

My main concerns are:
Is this really a tumor? If not what is it?

If it is:
Is it related to the previous one even though it looks nothing like it?
Is it worth doing the surgery if another tumor might just pop up next month? I don't want to keep putting her through surgeries and it is very expensive and I would barely have the money. The first surgery cost me $500 and this one is estimated the same.

If this is unrelated to the first tumor I will probably get it removed. If it is not I would think another would just pop up in the next few months again since this one popped up so quickly after the last.

I love my piggies very much and will do as much as I can for them, but I also do not want to keep putting her through surgeries if it is just going to keep her around in pain and delay the inevitable.

I would really appreciate any advice. I am very devastated about this.

Here is a photo of it. It's only what the scab looks like because I'm not comfortable poking around at it, she seemed like she was uncomfortable. Maybe it will be helpful anyway?


08-06-16, 06:47 pm
I can't really tell from the picture. Is that brown spot near the middle her nipple, or the scab?

They should be able to aspirate some cells from the mass and see if it's the same as the previous one. It might take a couple of days to get a lab report there, though.

08-06-16, 07:16 pm
Sorry the photo turned when I uploaded and I couldn't figure out how to fix it. The middle spot is the scab, the top right is her left nipple, and her right nipple is the pink area on the bottom right which was where the first tumor was removed.

Are there tumors that typically have a scab covering them? I couldn't find anything like it online.

08-06-16, 07:22 pm
Not usually. Scabs cover something that has opened the skin and it has started healing. The skin over a tumor could be abraded if the pig scraped it on something, but it would be unlikely to heal, I guess.

However, that's an odd place for a pig to have a scab unless there's something sharp in the cage.

08-06-16, 07:26 pm
The only thing at all sharp in the cage is their bricks. But I've used bricks since I got them and never had a problem. I wrapped them in fleece right after I noticed the scab. Is it possible she scraped the tumor on the brick and that caused the scab? I wish I had gotten a picture at the vet after she got past the scab. It was like it popped it, but the scab is flat, it really doesn't pop out at all.

08-06-16, 07:42 pm
Someone on the Guinea Lynx forum showed me this and it looks like it.


08-06-16, 07:44 pm
They're usually pretty easily removed.