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Pet Stores Seriously? Petsmart contacted me


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Jan 29, 2012
So I put a craigslist ad up when we lost our sweet Olive, to find Dulce a friend about a month and a half ago. I have no clue how to delete it but that is another issue.

Today I woke up to an email from a lady that worked at petsmart telling me to come buy a piggy friend from them. It really irks me! She said they loved and took good care of their piggies. Its such crap! I clearly say in the ad "I do no want to buy at a pet store or from a breeder!" How irritating! :mad:
Reply to her email and ask her to read PetSmart Cruelty. The link in this post resolves to the website title, but it's www dot petsmartcruelty dot com.
Im mad for you!:mad: I guess she must not know about what REALLY happens. SHE might not be doing any harm to the animals whatsoever but other employees know. Or she is just advertising the buisness (the first one was mostly so I dont blame her for anything)

Reply to her email and ask her to read PetSmart Cruelty. The link in this post resolves to the website title, but it's www dot petsmartcruelty dot com.

Oh god. That tub of guinea pigs in the gallery section makes me cry.
All those photos made my eyes tear up! :weepy: so upsetting!
It makes me wonder how many other petsmart employees are scowering CL looking for people who are looking for pigs. I'm with BP, reply to the Petsmart lady and include the Petsmart cruelty link. The floor employees likely are unaware of what goes on behind the scenes.
Omigosh! That website is awful! I will never shop at a pet store again!
That is horrible! I really think most of the employees are not aware what goes on. I know as a customer I had no clue. We bought both our Guinea pigs from there. (unfourtunately we just lost Shadwow) For a first time buyer of Guinea pigs the place where they were being kept was very clean , they had carefresh bedding and igloos for them. It was not full of poo or anything and this was late afternoon. However this just goes to show that it does not paint the whole picture as to how these animals were treated before arriving to the store. So very sad.
To be totally honest, I would contact the store manager (if she indicated her name/what store she works at) and complain about unsolicited contact from one of their employees. May not be the nicest thing, but I despise Petsmart and if their employees are encouraging CL posters (I can't imagine you were the first to be contacted) to buy pigs, I would want it to stop.
Those poor innocent creatures!!! What they did to that poor little sun conure parrot cutting his ir her nails until they bled!!! And the tub of guinea pigs and then stepping on the hamster!!! It's just unreal what some people will do just to make money! makes me so sad :weepy:
I agree with @SurfingPigs talk to the manager.

Oh, those poor, guinea pig mill pigs!!
That's a new low for Petsmart. CL is for rehoming NOT for Petsmart to troll for customers. Wow. I'm really appalled. Please do everything in your power to call them and CORPORATE to let them know that this was UNACCEPTABLE behavior. Please post about it in your FB page and everywhere you can publicly to shame them.
I will call the store. Considering she left me the store number and the store phone number. I hate conflict but sometimes it is needed.
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