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Chat Remembering................

Guinea Pig Papa

Staff member
Cavy Slave
May 12, 2015
Thank you very much for the kind words, @Kelsie.

My boys have all been members of the family. I firmly believe that if you bring an animal into your home, you treat it like family and provide for it as such or you don't have one. It's that simple.

Each one of these little furry guys has stolen a piece of my heart, and when they leave that piece goes with them. I won't lie. It makes it very, very difficult to continue with another pig when losing them hurts that much. I always end up thinking of what's best for the pig who remains, and putting my own hurt aside. The new additions do help move forward.

Whoever said "Time heals all wounds" is flat out wrong. It DOES give you the space to learn how to deal with what you've lost. But once you've loved, that doesn't heal. You move on.

I will stay active here as long as I possibly can. There are a lot of members that even I have seen through the last six years come in and move on. I think it's important for those that learn as much as they can about piggies to share that knowledge to another generation, so that we all learn how to care for them even better.

I will always post a photo or a sentence or something, on the anniversary of one of the boys I've lost. It's mostly for me, just having it out there and doing something out in the world for them. It's cathartic for me, and I hope I don't annoy anyone with it.