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Need Ideas For Hideys


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Dec 31, 2011
if you can fgive me some ideas for some hideys that would be great oh there is this ferret sleeping bag at my petsmart would that be okay for them and also the ferret cube ??

thx in advance
im just wondering cuz i saw a pic on here with a piggie in a ferret cube
Look in the Photo Galleries. There are hundreds of pictures of hideys.
Pigloos, hidey huts made of twigs, plastic puzzle boxes, etc. are always a hit with pigs. Whatever you get just make sure it doesn't present a choking hazard for the pigs.
My guinea pigs love fleece tunnels made from bent grids. You simply take a grid and slowly bend it into the shape of a U. Then fold up some fleece and lay it over the U-shaped grid!
[GuineaPigCages.com] Need Ideas For Hideys
The grid here was going to be used as a hay rack, so that's why the U shape isn't so uniform, but it works just as well.
thanks everyone ... and Kieri .. i had one in there cage and well my one pig was in it and i was trying to pick her up and her head got stuck in a grid she ws chirping and oh it was horrible i started yelling for my sister and mother to come help and they came running so we took wire cutters (not strong enuf to cut a grid so my sister cut it and we finally got her head out and as i said that was horrible .. i might try it again tho but then again i have one younger pig with them so idk if i wanna take the risk .. wmabey in a couple months .. but thank you
[GuineaPigCages.com] Need Ideas For Hideys if you knit here is something i made
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You can probably find stuff at home that would work and they would love. anything cardboard with holes ect works. Just look around your home and of course post your ideas with pictures we all love that. let your creativity flow alot of time it doesn't cost money either and its stuff thats just sitting around the house.
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