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New Member
Cavy Slave
Dec 15, 2011
Hi I'm new to the forum. I had two feamale guinea pigs named Princess and Candy but Princesses passed away last summer. But now I just have Candy she is almost 7 years old. I was wondering if I should get another guinea pig to keep her company? She lives in a 2x4 cage or would it cause her to much stress or is it not worth introduce her to an new friend because she is too old? My piggy is blind and almost deaf.
I would recommend ALWAYS getting your Piggie a new friend of the same sex as the diseased partner pretty soon after the on passes on.

Not being a downer, but your Guinea Pig is 7 years old-- They live to be about 8.

I would give your Piggie a good rest of her live. Please get her a new friend-- It is and will be worth it.

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