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Merry's Girls' Cage

Merry's Girls' Cage - Guinea Pig Cages

This is where my three girls Shakira, Rosie, and Lorena are currently staying. I'm planning on adding a second level when time and money permit. You can't see the hay well in this shot as they spread it all around and it was about time for them to have some more, but they do get plenty.
No, it's minimum size. And it's fine without toys, pigs usually discard them anyways if they have others to play with. Mine do anyways.

Great job! Bet they love it. :)
No, it is not minimum size, RubyPiggie2. 2x3 for one pig, 2x4 for two pigs and 2x5 for three pigs. We all know that. And pigs for sure need toys. Even if it is something homemade.
Actually cavylover, its a 2x3 for two pigs is the absolute minimum, 2x4 is reccomended. a 2x4 for three females is fine, especially since its going to get an upper level soon.
This cage is not recommended size for THREE piges. And how would you like to live in a cramped cage with no entertainment. There is nothing for them to do in that cage.
Take a look at the home page, the minimum for three pigs is 10.5 square feet, which is a 2x4. The cage is great. It doesn't look cramped at all.
Looks great and clean. I agree that it is the minimum size and it does not look cramped at all. The only suggestion I have is another hidey so they all have one and those can be made cheaply.
i think we should all know this, look on the front page, it says "minimum" on one collum and in that collom it say 2X3 for 1, 2X4 for 2, 2X5 for 3, 2X6 for 4. So you guys who aren't too sure just look at the fornt page. but it doesnt look cramped, add another hidyhouse and some toys and they will be happy. but if any fights break out, i suggest you make it bigger.

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