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I'm not happy.

I'm not happy. - Guinea Pig Cages

Six hours of hard work, and now the cage is 1x4 SMALLER than before. Definitely too small for my four pigs. I do need to make a second floor.
Good thing is the cage now has a grid floor so it's - theoretically - transportable.
Don't you mean a 2x4? I'm sure they'll love it when you make the 2nd floor! How come you made it smaller? and why do u need to transport it?
It's a 2x4 now - it was 3x4 before, so it's 1x4 smaller now. And I made the 2nd floor but they completely ignore it - just hide under it! I wanted to make teh cage transportable so I could move it in front of the window where it now stands. I'll add another pic soon.
Your cage is fine, dont stress, they are happy just being with you. You worked hard, and it looks great, way better than most. And you are working to IMPROVE it. FABOULOUS! And by the way, STUNNING pigs, they look Great!
Da_3_mad_pigs_: No, my fourth pig is black and red. Must be some weird light trick - the pile's all hay.

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