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Another View

Another View - Guinea Pig Cages

The office where the caviary is located is quite narrow. Here is a view from the other side of the room.
I like your cage set up. Where did you get that type of cage, its is very roomy and I'd like to get one myself for my piggy.
Guinea pig guy
That guinea pig house really does have rooms.Let's see it has a bed room,living room,play room and of course a dining room.
Hi RileyPiggy, I built the cage, of course! :)

My Baby Mu, that cage uses 66 grids in all, and one and a half sheets of coroplast. I'm thinking of building an addition to use up the rest of the Coroplast.
Hi. Awesome habitat!

I'm about to build my first c & c cage and could use your help.

I'd like to know how many grids/cubes I need to support my cage.

Please let me know.

Smudge & Monkey
Awesome! I love this cage!!!!!

Do you have anything supporting it on the end against the wall? It looks like the grid "legs" stop one grid back from the wall

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