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11-15-12, 07:17 am
Ok so I have 2 females in a 2X4 cage. I sweep up their poops everyday and use 5 layers of towels underneath the fleece. The cage stinks. Their in the living room and as soon as you open the door you can smell them. I've checked and the fleece is wicking.

So do uhaul pads or furniture pads really cut down on the odor. Or will I just have to do a complete cage clean in the middle of the week. I normally do the complete clean on the weekends.

11-15-12, 07:23 am
My girls are in a 2x3 with a 1x2 loft as their kitchen/hay loft and I never have any smells with the uhaul pads until I pull the fleece up to clean the cage, then it STINKS! lol but anyways I do their cage every Friday. If I were you I would try the uhaul pads. 2 layers should be good with an extra smaller uhaul pad or two underneath their sleeping and eating spots. Also, it would probably help to have a kitchen if you don't already. I've heard that it helps a lot which is why I did it.

11-15-12, 07:42 am
How often do you do a full clean?
I clean my 2x4 every 3-4 days, but I am really picky about smells. ;)

I did notice a HUGE difference in the smell with uhaul pads compared to towels.
I'd give it a go and see if you like it. Buy just one ($8) and if you don't like it, no real harm done.

11-15-12, 08:06 am
I was using towels in my foster boys cage and it smelled terrible after a day. I then switched to uhaul blankets and it lasts a week.

11-15-12, 01:17 pm
I do a full clean every weekend.

Do you have to order uhaul pads or can you go to the uhaul rental places and buy them?

I don't have a kitchen area. In the kitchen area do you still use fleece or put bedding in there?

11-15-12, 01:39 pm
I'd go on the site. It says for me that I can't pick them up but I know other people in the USA who have. There is an area on the site that tells you if there is a retailer near by who sells them.

As for their kitchen area. I have two boars and to keep the peace I have everything every where. ;) So kitchen area for me. I do keep an extra pad under their hay and water bottles.

11-15-12, 01:42 pm
Most uHaul outlets sell the pads.........and a lot of other merchandise as well. Find a local outlet and call the store.

11-15-12, 01:43 pm
I found that most of the uhaul places around me don't sell them, unless I want to drive an hour to one of the larger cities. I ordered them online. They had free shipping for orders over $25. If you buy enough boxes to bump the total up, you can return unused/unopened boxes for a refund at any uhaul place. I was excited to try the pads, but didn't want 4 of them LOL

11-15-12, 01:54 pm
Thanks guys. :heart:

We have more uhual places close to us than I thought. A few have furniture pads and they're made from recycled denim. They also have quilted pads. Which ones do I use?

11-15-12, 03:04 pm
The denim ones.

The pads really cut down on smell. I use one towel in my cage because the pads are just a little too short for my 2x7 and that side of the cage is noticeably more smelly than the other 6 grids. lol