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Photos Yay Pictures!


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Nov 16, 2011
Yay Pictures!Our sweet Petunia!

Yay Pictures!I just LOVE piggy lips! LOL

Yay Pictures!Full body shot of princess Petunia

Yay Pictures!Petunia and Calvin, he takes very good care of her!


Note: The last picture, Calvin is reading her a bed time story. This is NOT her forever cage, it is only temporary until we get a grid cage built! :)
Aww! I love the first picture. She is adorable!
She is so adorable!! :) Love the bedtime story pic!
What a cutie! I love that your son reads to her!
Awww, just too precious !!!❤️ REALLY great photo's too, what kind of camera do you use ? I love the one where your sweet son is "reading her a bedtime story" too ! She really has pretty colouring, I love piggy lips, noses, too. Thank you so much for sharing !:)
a cute pig! love her nose haha ^____^
She is so beautiful!! and so BIG lol.
She's adorable! I love piggie lips too! lol Thanks for the photos!
Very nice pictures. You son looks so happy holding the beautiful piggy. Super cool that he reads to her, not only is he improving his reading ability, but he is spending time with the piggy while doing it...AWESOME idea!:eek:
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