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UK Pet Photo Contest (uk)



Dec 31, 1969
Pet Photo Contest (uk)

Thought I'd post this information on this coming contest :)

<span style="text-decoration:underline">The Paw Prints Photo Shows</span>

All proceeds to the Ncdl, Cpl, Redwings and The Blue Cross

April 16th 2003

Win a fantastic
Olympus Super Zoom 70G
35mm Camera !!!!!

Other Prizes include:
2 Pet Portraits by Karen Scott
Watch Pendant, worth over £70
(Won at our Nov02 show and kindly re-donated by the winner)
Polaroid Instant Camera
A Limited Edition Collectors Teddy Bear
Pet Food Vouchers
£25 Boots Voucher
£25 WH Smiths Voucher
£15 Marks and Spencer Voucher
Years Membership to Catsareus

This is the Second Show in the Paw Prints Series
Voted Top Photo Show Organiser in 2002 by Quest Readers
Rosettes and Awards:
3 Tier Medal rosettes to all 1st places (worth £2.50 each)
3 Tier rosettes from 2nd to 6th place

All 1st places judged to find Show Champion who will win a Wonderful 7 tier rosette with Gold Blocked tails, a Silver Salver and a portrait of their chosen pet.

All 2nd Places judged to find Reserve Show Champion who will win a Luxury 6 tier rosette with Gold Blocked tails, a Silver Salver and a portrait of their chosen pet.

All photos judged to find Best In Show who will win a huge, Luxury 8 tier rosette with star points, ribbon tabs and gold blocked tails, and of course our fantastic star prize of the Olympus Camera.

Huge rosettes to be awarded to the following:
Champion Horse
Champion Dog
Champion Cat
Champion Guinea Pig
Champion Rabbit
Champion Other Animal
Champion Non Animal Photo
Judged from all photos

Other prizes to be awarded by the judges on the day.

This is a show not to be missed!!
1.&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Equines (includes Donkeys and Mules but not Zebras)
2.&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Dogs and Puppies
3.&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Cats and Kittens
4.&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Rabbits
5.&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Guinea Pigs
6.&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Birds (Wild and Domestic)
7.&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Wild/Zoo/Farm Animals
8.&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Landscapes and Wonderful Scenery
9.&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Photo you would like to see in a Calendar
10. Best Head Study(any subject)
11. Cute and Appealing ( any subject)
12. Your Pride and Joy (any subject)
13. Best Action Photo
14. 2 or More of Anything
15. Buildings and Monuments
16. Youngsters up to 1 year (does not need to be a animal!!)
17. Pets Sadly Missed
18. Veteran Animal(state age when photo was taken)
19. Pure Bred Animals (state breed)
20. Part Bred Animals
21. Photo’s with water
22. What A Picture! (interpret as you wish)
23. I Wish That was Mine!
24. Your favourite Photo
25. Trees and Flowers
26. Open Photo
27. Pictures - Greeting Cards, Postcards etc (no photos)
28. Best photography - £1 entry fee per photo (this class only) Cup to 1st place and a 8 Tier rosette, Salvers to 10th place, plus 5 tier rosettes. Gold Medals to 40th place. Any unplaced entrant will receive a Highly Commended 3 Tier rosette.

Entry Fee’s:
50p per photo, per class. 10-24 entries 45p per photo, per class. 25+ 40p per photo, per class. Minimum of 4 entries (£2) per person due to costs and the lovely rosettes available at this show. Capers points awarded to all who enter.

How to Enter:
On the back of each photo, write your name and address, along with all the subjects details (name, age, breed/ type etc.)
Also write the class numbers that photo is entered into. You can enter as many classes/ photos as you wish providing the correct entry fee is paid for each one.
All the money you spend at this show goes directly to the charities we support.
Enclose a A3 envelope for the return of your photos, results and any rosettes/ prizes won. We recommend that you send at least 12 x 1st class stamps and we will return any not needed with your result. If you decide to send in a small sae or less stamps, we cannot guarantee we will be able to fit all your awards in.A A4 results sheet and a 3 tier rosette do not fit well into a A4 envelope. Please make cheques payable to Mrs S Burrough and send to: Paw Prints April Bonanza, 26 Holly Grove, Goldthorpe, Rotherham, South Yorkshire S63 9LA
You can contact me at: [email protected]

Please note: As the Paw Prints Shows are usually well supported, it may take up to 4 weeks to get the results sent back to you. You are welcome to include a second smaller sae for your photos and we will return them after judging (usually 4-10 days). No digitally altered photos or photo copies allowed. All photos must be your own work.

We cannot accept responsibility for any photos, results, prizes etc lost or damaged whilst in transit to and from this show. Every care is taken of your photos whilst in our hands. All prizes are offered in good faith and we cannot be held responsible should a sponsor wish to withdraw a prize.
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