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UK London Pet Show 2012 - 12th & 13th May - and some discounts


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Cavy Slave
Jan 1, 2012
For those who haven't been to it before, this is not a show of pets, but a show about pets and their welfare. More like a trade show, offering information and education about good pet care. There are some display classes of pets of various species, but RWAF will not be taking part in those

(broken link removed)

Burgess Pet Care are offering a discount for entry to this show, check out their Facebook page.

We will be there too - hope you'll visit our stand!
double post...
Ah, but in different parts of the forum...is that not allowed..sorry. I was trying to catch both rabbit people and UK members
IDK; I just found it strange they both popped up at the same time. I thought it was some sort of a mishap. I'm just a newbie, but I noticed you posted twice. Sorry if I was wrong. :(
It could easily be that I've breached some rule that I wasn't aware of..I'm newer still

Apologies to all if I have
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