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In memorial of Wombat


Cavy Slave
Jul 26, 2005
At 2am last night my Guini Pig "Womabt" woke me up as he was sqeeking and sneezing. I awoke to give him a wheat biscuit and a cuddle before he went back to sleep. But when i woke up he was dead :(

I buried him under a tree this morning where his favourite grass grew.

I cant stop thinking about you womby - i will be missing you so much!!

I found this site while looking on the net for explaination of what happened to him. I wish i had found you guys sooner!! You would have loved to meet womby he was the most precious animal i have ever owned. he was a frizzly haired guini with curly hair and curly ears and a cute little brown snout and he looked just like a mini wombat!! He would always escape from his cage and come and find me on the lounge and say hello!!

I hope to learn from you guys a lot now, so that this doesnt happen again.. i dont know what i did except love him so much.. i cannot believe he is gone.
I'm sorry about Wombat. It's very hard to lose such a good friend.
I'm very sorry about your pig.
I'm so very sorry for your loss. I know how you feel. I recently lost one of my guinea pigs due to smoke inhalation after a fire. You have my sympathies.
I'm so sorry to hear of your loss.
So sorry to hear about Wombat.
Trust me, you will probably learn more than you want to if you hang around here for long. This forum has a great wealth of information. Welcome to the forum.

I am sorry you lost your precious Wombat.
I am sorry for your loss, but please do stay at the site, I hope you will soon adopt another loved friend.
By the way, I love wombats, they are very very cute creatures, and I can only imagine that Womby was a very darling boy.
I am so sorry you lost your piggie.
You will love this GP site. There is such a great amount of info and the members are all so helpful and wise when it comes to GP's.
Sorry for the loss of your friend.
PLease dont flame me...

I noticed in one thread that someone said "no iceberg"

I fed my womby iceberg occasionaly. I mean, they eat it in the wild dont they.. when they invade vege patches?

Is it bad for them? how bad? like.. stomach ache bad or toxic coma bad?
Stomach ache bad. Iceberg lettuce can cause bloating and has little nutritional value.
I'm new here too. I was going to write about one of my guineas that died recently as well. You said that your guinea pig had curly hair. was it a texel? Mine was, and he died when he was only a year old. I was wondering if anyone has heard of genetic defects that purebreds have. I read somewhere that some guineas have genetic defects and wont live much longer than a year. He didnt show any symptoms until the day he died and was gone within hours. I would love to post a few pictures of him, but dont know how.
i think I may have figured out how to post pictures of my texel. He had very long hair that was in ringlets. I had to trim it because he would get so much bedding stuck in it. I hope this works. They arent very good because I took them with my phone. I didnt have a digital until after he passed away.
In memorial of Wombat
In memorial of Wombat
YES!! thats what womby was but womby was all brown with a ginger tinge in the sun.. he was beautiful.. as was yours :(

You know, now you mention it my Texel was a purebred as well,, and about 9 months old.. and was dead within 4 hours of symptoms. I wonder if it IS a breed thing? I also used to notice little lumps under his coat (like pimples?) for the last few weeks.
I think the little lumps/pimples may have been mites, but I don't think that was what will have led to his passing. If he was sneezing he may have had a URI (Upper Respiratory Infection), which can become fatal quickly.
Really Mites? that sounds nasty i better go do some research to treat my other three in case.

I am so thankful for this site, so thank you so much to the mods and creators and everyone here. After some reading last night I treated my Guineas to :
RSPCA lucerne Pellets with Vitamin C (went and brought them)
Guini Hay mix from farmland
Broccoli, 1 carrot, banana (peeled), and a slice of apple
= all n their cage this morning.They were very chirpy when i left for work this morning. they also had some toilet rolls cut down the side for play time!

now with so much stuff and food in bowls everywhere they need a bigger cage!

My Guinea Pigs Thank You!
That is so great. I am glade that you are improving the life of your pigs. I am sorry about your piggie passing away! He sounds really cute. Welcome to the site. I have received some very useful info from here. I would have never known about or tried fleece bedding, if it was not for this site. Plus, I got ideas for making my cage bigger, better care for my little furballs of love. :0)
i'm sorry to hear about wombat, I lost my Oreo a few months ago. I sympathize!
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