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Floor time fun...


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Jan 29, 2012
What do you do to not make floor time boring? I have a collapsable pin that I put out in front of the girls cage and I just open the doors and give the their veggies and let them run free. But they seem to not really care. They eat their veggies and go back in the cage. Do you guys have an special "toys" that you put out to keep them enjoying the open space?
I go by what each of my individual piggies likes. I have a boar and sow, so they each have their own floor time pen made from grids. Borat loves tunnels, so I make him a different configuration in his pen every day with things like storebought plastic and straw tunnels and objects like boxes and paper bags. He tends to be the lazier of my two pigs, so the tunnels get him moving.

Amy is more into her fleece forest and hidey homes, so I rotate between pigloos, tunnel pieces, boxes, bags, and other spots where she can hang out in between running around and popcorning like a maniac.

Experiment with different toys and objects and you'll soon see what your piggies enjoy. It's a lot of fun to figure that out and then to give them new set-ups each day.
I put lots of different hideys and toys that aren't in their cage. Sometimes I turn on a book on CD for me to listen to and I think my pigs enjoy it as well!
My pigs love nothing more than a messy living room floor. If I have any school stuff, pillows, shoes, or clothing on the ground, they'll jump over stuff and weave around all the items.
My girls really like it if I sit in their play area with them. Even more fun if I put a blanket and some grass or hay on my lap. They like to climb up and usually stretch out and munch away. They also like to be brushed when on my lap eating. They usually get off when the food is gone or they have to pee. If I sit with my knees up and put a towel over my knees to make a tent they love to run through it and hang out. Cereal boxes with a couple of holes cut out are always a big hit and tunnels made out of poster board are fun to run though.
my version if floor time is "couch" time. it's a special treat, for one pig each day. i put a protective covering on the couch, and surround the edges with grids so they can't stumble off, and leave a little opening to the place i sit. i throw some hay, a cozy cup, and a loose piece of fleece to hide in. i sit next to them and watch tv, and they explore, and run, and sometimes snuggle in their cozy next to me. one of my guys loves to climb up on my lap, up my shoulder, then jump off onto the soft couch pillow and into his hay pike. aahh, to be young again. . . lol
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