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Fleece Disgusting Corner!

Pretty Piggies

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Sep 13, 2011
I am 90% out of 100 pleased with fleece. My biggest concern is one corner. It's under their fleece forest. My towels don't reach all the way to the corners, and they LOVE to poop in that corner. Worst of all is it just turns to mush.:sick: It is SO GROSS! What should I put under there (inexpensive) that works??? How are puppy pads? I would prefer something that I don't have to throw away, but you know...
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Puppy pads will get expensive quick, i recommend using newspaper. I use it under my carefresh and it works pretty good.
Could you put a litter pan with some litter in that corner under the fleece forest? I would suggest more towels, if not! Even though that is kind of obvious lol
The problem with newspaper is that it doesn't absorb and smells quickly, so I wouldn't recommend that.
:DI made extra fleece pads just for that reason! I just fold it up and shake the poos into the trashcan then stick it back in the fleece forest. I switch them out every other day and do their laundry once a week.
Target makes a plastic tray brand name Itso. It's perfect for a litter pan. I use one under my fleece forest with Yesterday's News in it.
Put a litter pan under there. You could make your own, or buy one. If they are pooping there anyway, why not have a catch-all?
My guinea pigs have a pillow...they really like it and do not "go" on it. I put the pillow in that corner, I think that just might be the thing! :)
If they're using the corner, why not take advantage of it and put a litter box there?
That would be a great idea, but one of the reasons I started using fleece is because I didn't want to buy litter anymore. It was adding up. Another reason is because I only have 3 by 2 (trying to expand soon) and I don't really want to take up more space. Thank you so much though!
A litter pan won't take up more space -- it will just go under the fleece forest. It also won't use much litter, because you're just filling up a small pan and not a whole cage. One bag of litter should last you for weeks.

Fleece pads that are changed daily will also work. That's what I put under my pigs' hideys.
What is a fleece pad?
It's just a piece of fleece sewed to mattress padding or towels. I made a bunch out of the fleece scraps I had leftover when I made big fleece pads for my cage. They're all different sizes and shapes.
Just a smaller piece of fleece sewn to absorbent material of your choice.
If you don't sew, you can just wrap a piece of fleece around a towel and replace that more often than other areas.
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