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Cell-Sorb Alert!


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Jan 3, 2004
Cell-Sorb Alert!

Okay, in frustration of having difficulty getting C-S here, I called the manufacturer to find out why they don't seem to want to sell the product. Turns out they had a fire a little while ago. Probably won't be shipping any new product for a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, if you live in the Bay Area, Pet Food Express (18 stores in the Bay Area that don't carry animals) is considering carrying it, but supposedly doesn't want to cut into their CareFresh sales. I left a msg for the buyer. Hope to hear back from her soon. Depending on what she says, I'll leave her contact info. Perhaps the more people that call asking for it, will help make a case for them to stock it.
Re: Cell-Sorb Alert!

Spoke with Valerie at PFE. We're working on it. However, this won't be a short term fix.
Cel-Sorb Found

I've found cel-sorb at my local Pet Food Express. They had the 6 quart bag for $6.99. But they told me I could place an order with them for the 28 quart bag for $15.99. I am rather fond of the product and prefer it over other products I've tried, including Carefresh and Econo-fresh. It proves to be absorbent and neutralizes orders quiet nicely. It is rather hard and tough for delicate feet. My pig started pulling hay from the hay rack and tossing it all over the cage, when I first got the product. I got the message. So instead of letting him cover the bedding, I throw a carpet of timothy hay on top for him. :)


Re: Cel-Sorb Found

I am a brand new cavy owner (I finally got two today). I am using the cell-sorb also. Is there any place to order it online that is not too expensive? Also, is there a nesting material that is suitable for guinea pigs? I am worried that my cavvies are cold? Is there a good way to keep them warm in these colder months?
Also, one of the cavvies seems to be pretty happy already but the other isn't sure yet. She isn't eating or anything. How long will it take before she feels comfortable with me and my family?
Re: Cel-Sorb Found

Are they outdoors?

Isn't eating anything? Are you sure? That is super critical. 48 hours of not eating and you will lose the guinea pig. Dehydration from not drinking is also life-threatening.
Eating and Drinking

When we first got Zoe (my sister's pig), she did not appear to be eating or drinking. In fact, she froze when we were around and let out a low rumble (indications that say "I'm scared, leave me alone"). I returned to the store and I spoke to the guy at Petco ( I know, evil!
but I didn't know what I know now: plus I have my own petco horror story).

I learned that she just is a stressed pig- the hyper nervous, jittery type. I may be a personality thing. And that though she may calm down, she may never be completely relaxed. I don't know if this is completely true, this is what the guy told me. So I will leave it open to be dispelled.

He also said that, because she is still alive, she is probably eating more than I was aware of.

So we left her alone with food and water for a week or so. You may want to try dandelion greens, no pig rejects that just to get some veggies in her diet. Zoe rejected everything in the beginning. Just be gentle and work with her. Don't open her up to huge open spaces. Introduce her to her environment slowly. She will become more comfortable.

Zoe is fine and quite comfortable with us. She is constantly eating, drinking, begging, playing with her toys, begging, oinking, popcorning, running, jumping, climbing, and exploring. She is a bit more reserved than our other pig. Though we expected it, we sill continue to work with her and see if we can get her past that.​
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