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Is there anybody here from CaviesGalore? Just Wondering I'm Crazy~Daisy over there!


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are you the webmaster of caviesgalore?
or just a forum poster? am curious. I think I'll look it on.
Welcome to the forum! don't mind those ***you know
Re: ..............

She meant she's a forum poster.


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Re: CaviesGalore?

I'm Laura_Irene. I was here too, but I decided I liked Laura0626 better.


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I'm KTS Critters !


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Re: :)

And I'm not allowed to post on Cavies Galore. Myself and a whole slew of other highly reputable people have been banned.
Re: CaviesGalore?

I to used to be there until I saw how they treated people that were actually knowledgably and were worried about the pig not the posters feelings. Over there, it seems you don't meet you quota of smiles for that day you'll be banned and given a rude name.

The thing the owner of Cavies Galore didn't realize is that with the given names people who needed help wouldn't believe any correct information that they had posted. They figured they were a troll since they were labeled as one.

Something I always remember is one poster that posted in detail how to make a contraption to kill lethals. They didn't label her anything and yet the people that care about the pigs and have set their lives aside for the pigs were marked trolls.

Just my two cents.
Re: CaviesGalore?

It isn't like that over there, I've gotten into a few 'tiffs' over there and they still treat me with respect and like me. I've never seen anything like that go down over there...:(
Re: CaviesGalore?

It IS like that over there. The threads have long since been deleted (censored) by the webmaster. And it's old news now.

Water under the bridge so to speak. But it doesn't change the fact that I'm still banned along with dozens of others.


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Re: CaviesGalore?

Well, from what I've seen and I've been a member since August, that hasn't happened. Do you stop in and read the posts? If so, can you show me some? If there are any more?
Re: CaviesGalore?

Well I can tell you that I was there around about 6-8 months and it did happen. That is how it was if you didn't fit their mold.

Like CavySpirit the webmaster deleted all the posts from the certain incident. So no, we can't show you any.

But it is water under the bridge. Theres a lot more important things to worry about besides smilies and whats your favorite movie.
Re: CaviesGalore?

Okaaay, I saw something about smilies once, but it was old, and something about tattoos and piercings, but then again alot of the people there have tattoos, who cares what else you're into, you all have a common love and that's for cavies, right?:mad:


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Re: CaviesGalore?

hmmmmmm... I was a member but I just got banned for having a different opinion. Nevermind that what I said was true.

i dont like it their either, someone asked if their piggie was too old to breed, that simple and got a very long list of replys calling them a troll and other really rude names but nobody answered the ques., toomanycavies was labled as a troll just becuz she she has lots of piggies and asked a ques. about bathing them. :mad: i have tried to step in and just give them the answer but then i end up getting flamed with the person:mad:
Re: ...

Nevermind, I saw the post where you got banned 2steps, but really would you want a young child, I mean like 7 or younger to read that, JUST becuase of the sexual content of it? One day that little girl is going to learn about homosexuals, she probably already knows about them, but does she really need to know about oral sex and the like? I think she should find that out when she's older. There are alot of youngsters on that site. Jin had a point though, you hadn't posted anything about cavies except for in that thread. I don't think she should have banned you though, at least not as soon as she did.
Re: ...

Cali - Toomanycavies was a bit suspicious. I never got into it though but something never quite fit right.

I don't know what 2steps said but I would think they should have given you a warning to stop talking sexually on a guinea pig forum. If they banned you as quick as I think they probably did then that is what Cavies Galore is all about.

Again, just my two cents.
Re: ...

I've had one of my posts deleted over there, and got..ummm...vulgar? And they didn't ban me. But I also post alot of posts about guinea pigs, maybe it's becuase all they did was argue and hardly mentioned anything about piggies?
Re: ...

I would prefer not to clutter up this board with discussions on the merits or problems of CG. If you want to read and post there, that's fine.

If the webmaster and/or moderator/s at CG ever come to their senses, then great.

In the meantime, if you are here, you are here. If you are there, you are there. Or wherever. A lesson Dinomom and Jin should have learned a long time ago.

Back to guinea pigs and cages, please.
Re: ...

OK, sheesh, sorry that I was looking for other people who go there, so that I may feel "more at home" here, some people and their grudges......:lol:
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