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Mr. Pigs sty

Mr. Pigs sty - Guinea Pig Cages

This is a 2x4 C&C cage I made for Mr. Pig. I used a window valence as a skirting around it to match my livingroom.
Hey why not move the valance to cover the lower grids. Then you have the beauty and the pigs can see.
Great cage.
I put the valence around to cover the coroplast. I had to make the coroplast high b/c my dog when standing on his hind legs could see in and bark at Mr. Pig which made him nervous. I talk to Mr. Pig often during the day and go pet him so he gets lots of attention. I take him out nightly and cuddle with him.
I actually really like the idea of the curtain to keep the dog from buggin the piggy. It's cute it matches your curtain.

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